Friday, May 24, 2024

Xyna.AI at the OpenRheinMain in Darmstadt

Xyna Bulletin #07

Dear customers, partners and friends,

only 2x more days, then it's time: this year's OpenRheinMain Conference for Open Source and Emerging Digital Technologies (ORM) at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences opens its doors.

Today we want to give a short overview of our topics — and of course repeat our invitation: we are looking forward to all short-dated visitors, the entrance is free, you only need a registration on the website.

Have fun while reading!

Best regards from Mainz,

Xyna GmbH
Philipp Dominitzki

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From Access 4.0, 5G & SDN to Cloud, Gaia-X & Crypto-Agility to Data Science, ML & AI.

This year's agenda is again thematically very diverse with a focus on the areas of digitalization, cloud and communication networks of the future.

Prof. Dr. Michael von Rüden from the Chair of Distributed Systems and his team from the Department of Computer Science at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences have once again succeeded in attracting many well-known companies from the region to the conference:

ORM Sponsors

For Xyna, Dr. Kai Schorstein and Philipp Dominitzki will give a presentation on "AI beyond the mainstream":

AI beyond the mainstream

The public perception of artificial intelligence is dominated by a few large, closed and proprietary solutions. A multi-billion dollar race between the large technology groups creates the false impression that only the financially strongest providers can keep up.

In our presentation, we want to show two aspects why, especially in Europe, we should or must also rely on solutions beyond the dominant big players. We see great potential for the use of AI in the area of network automation / management and operation of critical infrastructures. However, there are also limits and framework conditions that will be set by the currently emerging EU AI Act.

EU Artificial Intelligence Act

The talk ends with an inspiring call to action: take the reins of AI into your own hands and democratize the world of AI with open components!

In addition, our colleagues Sebastian Brummer and Moritz Schrauth will offer an interactive session with mini-workshop titled "Pair-Programming with AI?!", in which we will look behind the scenes and demonstrate how we have realized the GenAI extension XyPilot for assisted deep modeling with Xyna Factory under this paradigm.

With XyPilot, we take the sensible and forward-looking technology of assisted development of algorithms and data structures through large foundation models - but complement and modify it with our own approaches, the use of open solutions, and seamless integration into the Xyna Factory development environment.

In particular, we rely on local (private cloud) based models and pipelines to ensure transparency and traceability and, last but not least, applicability for sensitive, critical / secret data that should not be unthinkingly put into the big vendors' language bots.

Fauxpilot - Codegen

In addition, approaches are emerging to increase the reliability and quality of the code generated by the model via special security and QA layers.

For Deutsche Telekom Technik, which is the second gold sponsor of ORM along with Xyna, Dr. Fabian Schneider, project manager for the development of Access 4.0, will address "Challenges in the evolving Telco landscape" in his keynote.

Access 4.0

With the Access 4.0 (A4) platform, Deutsche Telekom is breaking new ground in building and offering networks. Conventional systems are being replaced by open, disaggregated, highly automated and microservice-based technologies based on open and standardized solutions.

boradband forum; open networking foundation; open compute project; telecom infra project

Participation is free of charge, only registration is necessary.

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