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Graphical workflow automation with Xyna Factory: Advantages

The key advantage of a graphical workflow engine over traditional programming is improved usability and comprehensibility. Graphical workflow models provide a visual representation of the processes to be automated, allowing easy access for non-technical team members and allowing experts to focus on their expertise.

This is particularly useful when onboarding new team members, training existing employees or troubleshooting problems. It also encourages collaboration and communication between team members as the visual representation ensures a better common understanding.

This leads to higher productivity, greater accuracy and better error handling capabilities. Overall, graphical workflow models offer a more user-friendly and flexible approach to automation compared to traditional programming techniques, leading to higher business performance.

Workflow modeling, a beauty to behold,
With diagrams and arrows, stories it tells.
Efficiency and productivity, it's said to hold,
From chaos, order, it excels.

With drag and drop, so simple and clean,
The flow of tasks, now crystal clear,
No more confusion, no more scene,
Workflow modeling, a joy to hold dear.*

*This poem was kindly written by OpenAI / ChatGPT for Xyna. We thank the artificial intelligence.

Reach the next level with Xyna Factory


Proven technology: Xyna Factory has been used for over 15 years by major Internet service providers and leading telecommunications companies to build and operate mission-critical networks.


Hardened in demanding environments: our technology is used by some of the largest companies in the industry.


Built for reliability: Xyna Factory is optimized for network automation and can handle complex processes and large amounts of data. As a result, Xyna Factory ensures your network runs smoothly and efficiently.


Scalable: As your business grows, Xyna Factory adapts to your changing requirements and can grow with you.


Professional support: The commercial version of Xyna Factory ( Professional) comes with professional support and additional features to help you meet your specific business needs. With Xyna Factory, you have the support you need to optimize your network automation and get the most out of your investment.

Two Xyna editions - you decide

Xyna Factory gives you the choice. You can either start for free as an open-source version and later, when your project has grown, upgrade to the professional version with additional support or buy a commercial version directly. With the open-source version, you have access to the technology and can adapt it to your needs without having to pay for it. If you need more support or additional features, such as enhanced security, then the commercial version is the right choice for you. You decide what suits you and your project best!

Xyna Open Source

Apache License, Version 2.0

Free for private and commercial use, no restrictions

Quick, easy and free entry into the world of Xyna — supported by a community

Available on Professional

Commercial license model

100% compatible with the Xyna open-source version

Paid subscription, various license models with different SLA options

Secure distribution of the GIP for use in critical infrastructures and in professional commercial environments

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