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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

GIP becomes a member of the TM Forum / dtw 2024 Copenhagen

🇩🇪 Deutsche Version GIP Exyr GmbH joins the TM Forum and strengthens its leading position in the digital transformation of telecommunications GIP Exyr GmbH has joined the renowned industry association TM Forum. This decision underlines our commitment to quality standards and innovation leadership. The integration of standards such as the TM Forum Open APIs is becoming increasingly important in the complex distributed system landscapes in which GIP Exyr GmbH operates. They provide a framework for interoperable and efficient systems, which is crucial in the development of sophisticated OSS applications based on Xyna Factory. importance. "By becoming a member of the TM Forum, we want to strengthen our alignment with industry standards - without losing sight of the flexibility and integration strength of workflow-based automation with Xyna," explains Dr. Alexander Ebbes, Managing Director of GIP Exyr GmbH. "Working with the TM Forum allows us to share best practices, learn from the experiences of other members and actively participate in shaping future standards." GIP Exyr GmbH will also be exhibiting at Digital Transformation World (dtw) in June 2024. The trade fair offers an ideal platform to present the latest developments and innovations in the field of digital transformation and to get in touch with other industry experts. The TM Forum standards, in particular the Open Digital Architecture (ODA), the Open APIs or Shared Information and Data (SID), offer numerous advantages for companies involved in the telecommunications and digital industry. The standards promote interoperability between different systems and platforms and provide a framework that accelerates the development and implementation of new technologies and services. Participation in Digital Transformation World underlines GIP Exyr GmbH's commitment to continuous development and shows that the company is on its way to playing a key role in the digital transformation of telecommunications. TM Forum is an association of over 800 member companies generating US$2 trillion in revenue and serving five billion customers across 111 countries. A global alliance of telco and tech companies, TM Forum is leading the industry in defining the building blocks for new operating models, impactful new partnerships, and advanced software platforms. TM Forum helps its members unlock the value of data to create nearly endless opportunities for players across the communications ecosystem. At DTW — Ignite, Accelerate and Collaboration events, TM Forum provides a platform for industry change-makers to share groundbreaking innovation, market developments, product launches and business transformation journeys. TM Forum is the only industry body to count the world's top 10 CSPs and all the key hyperscalers as active, strategic members. TM Forum and its members are on a mission to reinvent the telco industry as a vibrant part of the digital landscape — and a driving force in shaping its future. Learn more at

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Review of the year 2023 — Xyna on Tour

Xyna on Tour 2023: A successful year in review

🇩🇪 Deutsche Version 2023 was a year full of milestones and successes for and Xyna.AI (GIP's AI startup, The "Xyna on Tour" roadshow through various industry events, including JAX in Mainz (, ANGACOM in Cologne (, OpenRheinMain in Darmstadt ( and, most recently, MLCon in Berlin (, enabled us to present our pioneering services in the field of process digitization, network automation and hyperautomation with GenAI to a broad audience. Highlights of "Xyna on Tour" 2023: JAX, Mainz: The tour kick-off at JAX in Mainz in March was a great success. Visitors had the opportunity to experience Xyna's latest innovations live and exchange ideas with industry experts. The positive response confirmed the relevance of Xyna solutions for the Java, architecture and software innovation community. ANGACOM, Köln: Participation in ANGACOM in June was a further step towards a stronger presence in the telecommunications industry. Xyna presented solutions specifically tailored to the needs of the broadband industry. The roadshow attracted the attention of industry experts and potential customers alike. OpenRheinMain, Darmstadt: In September, the "Xyna on Tour" took place at the OpenRheinMain in Darmstadt. Visitors had the opportunity to test the XyPilot and other tools live and learn more about the integration of open source into their services. The event strengthened Xyna's position as a pioneer in the field of collaboration in the IT industry. MLCon, Berlin: The year ended with an impressive appearance at MLCon in Berlin in November. Xyna presented insights into the future of hyperautomation and the crucial role of GenAI in combination with our unique neuro-symbolic approach in the development of processes and networks. The conference provided a platform for intensive discussions and networking opportunities. The "Xyna on Tour" 2023 was not only an opportunity to present the latest developments, but also a chance to gather direct feedback from the community and potential customers. The positive feedback and growing awareness of Xyna services underline the relevance and success of the roadshow. The Xyna team would like to thank all visitors, partners and interested parties for their support over the past year and looks forward to continuing the tour in the coming year. About Xyna.AI and Xyna.AI and are leading providers in the field of digitalization of process chains, network automation and hyperautomation with a focus on telecommunications, technical and network-related processes. Their innovative solutions use advanced and open AI approaches to help companies optimize their processes and strengthen their competitiveness in the digital era.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Xyna Ad Astra

Under this motto, GIP Exyr GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of GIP AG, hosted XynaCom on 14.06.2022 at the Kulturzentrum, Mainz. In the morning, exciting workshops were held, which provided an insight into selected projects. New employees were also welcomed and introduced. One of the highlights of the event was the presentation by Dr. Alexander Ebbes, who announced the initial open source publishing, the first release of Xyna Factory on GitHub under Apache license. “For Xyna to be successful, out there in the wild, we have to reinvent it, reposition it in a new and contemporary way." This quote from Dr. Alexander Ebbes shows that the tool is no longer limited in its potential and can now develop further. This also changes the mindset of the GIP, which thus also looks to a new future. Afterwards, Dr. Bernd Reifenhäuser, as initiator, announced the foundation of the Future Networking Research Alliance. The goal of the alliance is to lay the foundations for future networks and software-defined networks through cooperative research. The focus will be on software-defined, resilient and secure networks as well as 6G and the Internet of Everything (IoE). The entire article by Dr. Bernd Reifenhäuser on the founding of the alliance can be found on LinkedIn. In addition to GIP AG, the alliance is currently formed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Trick and Prof. Dr. Armin Lehmann from the Telecommunications Networks Research Group at the University Of Applied Science Frankfurt, as well as Prof. Dr. Martin Stiemerling and Prof. Dr. Michael von Rüden from the Department of Computer Science at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. It is completed by Dr. Alexander Ebbes, who represents GIP Exyr GmbH. By forming the alliance, GIP has significantly strengthened its research in the areas of 5G, 6G and Internet of Everything (IoE). By jointly applying and participating in research funding activities, the alliance will be able to fund challenging and high-risk research in the future. The last presentation of XynaCom by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Trick covered the technology of 5th generation mobile networks. At the end of the event, a copy of the book "5G: An Introduction to 5th Generation Mobile Networks" by Prof. Dr. Trick was raffled off to all participating guests. In addition to all the interesting presentations, the XynaCom was a fitting event to also celebrate the coming together of the employee:s in a larger setting since the beginning of the Corona Pandemic. We look back on this beautiful and eventful day with pleasure.

Monday, June 20, 2022

Founding of the research alliance Future Networks

On the initiative of Dr. Bernd Reifenhäuser, GIP AG, the Future Networks research alliance was founded at XynaCom on June 14, 2022, together with Prof. Ulrich Trick and Prof. Armin Lehmann, Telecommunications Networks Research Group of the University of Applied Science Frankfurt am Main, and Dr. Alexander Ebbes, GIP Exyr GmbH.  Among the founding members, who unfortunately could not attend XynaCom on June 14, are Prof. Martin Stiemerling, Prof. Stefan Valentin and Prof. Michael von Rüden of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt. The objective of the alliance is to lay the foundations for future networks and software-defined networks through cooperative research. The focus will be on software-defined, resilient and secure networks as well as 6G and the Internet of Everything (IoE). Current global political developments in particular show that resilience and cyber security are becoming central for networks, as lifelines for our future. But also to be able to counter climate change with technical measures, the stronger networking of people, data, things and processes through the IoE will be inevitable. The next generation of mobile communications, 6G, will offer new dimensions for wireless networking, e.g., with special purpose networks, and thus open up new potential for IoE innovations. Alongside the future Internet of Everything, energy supply will form the backbone of our society. IoE and energy supply are closely linked, so this aspect will also be the subject of the research alliance. The alliance is to be expanded to include medium-sized technology suppliers and providers of all sizes. A central task of the alliance is the successful acquisition of national and European research funds in order to be able to finance these breakthrough innovations. Dr. Ebbes, left, Prof. Trick, center, Prof. Lehmann, right