Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The Q-Battery - intelligent storage systems for the Quantum Grid

Patent granted in the USA strengthens GIP AG's leading position in worldwide energy internet research

With the granting of the US patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the invention "Dynamic and distributed energy Storage", the GIP Quantum Grid was expanded by another important component: a new type of intelligent storage system for regenerative energy systems: the Q-Battery or also Q-Energy-Storage.

This invention enables the GIP to implement new and intelligent batteries and hybrid storage systems for regenerative energy systems. Compared to conventional batteries and storage systems, the Q-Battery enables system-related supply gaps to be bridged more efficiently and dynamically. With this new type of storage system, the Quantum Grid can exploit the advantages of packet-based power transmission even better than before.

The core of the invention is the power crossbar for dynamic and intelligent control of a wide variety of storage media (supercapacitors, batteries, mechanical rotary storage, etc.) and their intelligent package-based energy management.

The control and energy management of the Q-Battery is implemented with Xyna software technologies such as Xyna-Phi and XAI. These and other Xyna technologies are the central factor without which the quantum leap of the Quantum Grid and the Q-Battery would not be possible. It is only through Xyna technology that a conventional "stupid battery" becomes a "thinking battery". Part of the inverter technology, such as that used today in solar and wind generators, can also be saved by taking over these tasks from a Q-Battery with a corresponding quantum grid router function.

The field of application of Q-Storage goes far beyond the previous approaches "Quantum Grid" and "Quantum Grid out of the box". For example, this new type of energy storage system is excellently suited for on-board energy supply from satellites or for lunar and Mars missions.

With this new invention and its patenting, GIP can confirm and further expand its leading position in worldwide energy internet research.

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