Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Review of the year 2023 — Xyna on Tour

Xyna on Tour 2023: A successful year in review

2023 was a year full of milestones and successes for Xyna.com and Xyna.AI (GIP's AI startup, https://www.xyna.ai). The "Xyna on Tour" roadshow through various industry events, including JAX in Mainz (https://jax.de), ANGACOM in Cologne (https://angacom.de/startseite), OpenRheinMain in Darmstadt (https://openrheinmain.org) and, most recently, MLCon in Berlin (https://mlconference.ai/berlin/), enabled us to present our pioneering services in the field of process digitization, network automation and hyperautomation with GenAI to a broad audience.

Highlights of "Xyna on Tour" 2023:

  • JAX, Mainz: The tour kick-off at JAX in Mainz in March was a great success. Visitors had the opportunity to experience Xyna's latest innovations live and exchange ideas with industry experts. The positive response confirmed the relevance of Xyna solutions for the Java, architecture and software innovation community.
  • ANGACOM, Köln: Participation in ANGACOM in June was a further step towards a stronger presence in the telecommunications industry. Xyna presented solutions specifically tailored to the needs of the broadband industry. The roadshow attracted the attention of industry experts and potential customers alike.
  • OpenRheinMain, Darmstadt: In September, the "Xyna on Tour" took place at the OpenRheinMain in Darmstadt. Visitors had the opportunity to test the XyPilot and other tools live and learn more about the integration of open source into their services. The event strengthened Xyna's position as a pioneer in the field of collaboration in the IT industry.
  • MLCon, Berlin: The year ended with an impressive appearance at MLCon in Berlin in November. Xyna presented insights into the future of hyperautomation and the crucial role of GenAI in combination with our unique neuro-symbolic approach in the development of processes and networks. The conference provided a platform for intensive discussions and networking opportunities.

The "Xyna on Tour" 2023 was not only an opportunity to present the latest developments, but also a chance to gather direct feedback from the community and potential customers. The positive feedback and growing awareness of Xyna services underline the relevance and success of the roadshow.

The Xyna team would like to thank all visitors, partners and interested parties for their support over the past year and looks forward to continuing the tour in the coming year.

About Xyna.AI and Xyna.com:
Xyna.AI and Xyna.com are leading providers in the field of digitalization of process chains, network automation and hyperautomation with a focus on telecommunications, technical and network-related processes. Their innovative solutions use advanced and open AI approaches to help companies optimize their processes and strengthen their competitiveness in the digital era.