Telco Automation – The digital architect of technical processes

Our know-how about large packet-based networks and the corresponding products is incorporated in software using the Xyna Factory.

Leading network operators successfully use the Xyna Factory for process-oriented development and automated production of their L2/L3-based communications services for residential and business customers. The focus is on the intelligent automation of network-related, technical OSS processes.

Focus areas

  • Service Order Management & Order Processing
  • Service Provisioning
  • Service Analysis & Intelligence
  • Customer-centric Subscriber Self-Care
  • Network Configuration & Element Activation
  • Technical Product Management
  • Network Monitoring & Service Assurance
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) between BSS- and OSS-Systems

Xyna Factory - Modeling instead of programming

The Xyna Factory is our central product. It is a model-oriented and order-driven workflow platform for the automation of network-related configuration processes in telecommunications networks (carrier, service provider, DSL, fiber optical). Development and integration is based on the unique paradigm of Visual Service Engineering.

  • Any Service – Any Device – Any Protocol

    Easy integration of all common standards

  • Visual Service Engineering

    Elegant visualization for specification, automation and documentation

  • Dynamic events – dynamic processes

    Event-driven workflow automation allows flexible responses

  • Meeting the highest requirements

    High availability, scalability and performance for optimal efficiency

  • Collaborative Engineering

    Fractal Modeller allows parallel as well as dedicated access to provide transparency within projects.

  • Fractal factory

    Modularity, reduction and adaptivity are guaranteed by the fractal structure

What's next?

To meet the requirements of digital transformation, processes must be automated. GIP Exyr incorporates the necessary know-how into the product development of the Xyna Factory and all solutions realized with this technology.

Xyna Factory is consistently being developed and improved. Since its first productive use in 2005, Xyna Factory has been used in a multitude of different projects for the automation of service and configuration processes. The application spectrum ranges from the development of modern and user experience-oriented graphical interfaces for self-service to the configuration of CPEs, IoT devices, enterprise access routers, SDN components, and core network elements.