Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mentoring program - GIP is committed

GIP supports physicists within the mentoring program of the German Physical Society, or DPG for short. The program is aimed at graduates who are planning a career start in industry and business, or who have been working for a short time. The switch from everyday student life to the free economy is often associated with some hurdles. The physical background of the GIP coupled with the long-term professional experience of its employees creates a special potential to pass on this experience as a mentor. Mentors advise their mentees on a long-term basis in personal exchange with the definition of goals and their strategic orientation, the development of organizational measures and the achievement of goals.

Our head of technology, Dr. Alexander Ebbes is a member of the matching commission and has been a mentor in the program for several years with enthusiasm. The Matching Commission met last weekend in the Physics Center in Bad Honnef (see photo). There the participants of the coming matching year were chosen from the current applicants.

Physikzentrum in Bad Honnef